Asset ProtectionWe work hard to provide financial security for ourselves and our families. We pay taxes to fund police and fire departments to insure safer communities. We pay insurance premiums so that if disaster befalls us, we have a means of restoring ourselves to our previous state. We lock our doors at night so that we can sleep in peace and comfort. Unfortunately all that we do sometimes isn’t enough. That’s where J.E.S. comes in. After you’ve gone as far as you can, we can help you go that extra mile.

Event SecurityWhile event security is our specialty, J.E.S. offers area security services on a contractual basis, multiple individual protection solutions including Executive Protection, V.I.P. transport, and most importantly, educational courses designed to enhance client awareness and capability. Add to these post security and one can see the complete repertoire of J.E.S. staffed security solutions. For information on these services please contact us by phone, fill out the below form to get an immediate quote for your needs.