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NRAU: NRA Program for Local Universities

The NRA has announced a special program designed to help educate college level students about gun rights, current legislation, and the gun control debate. I for one am very excited about this program. No matter what side of the issue people stand on, we can all use more EDUCATION. Granted you could expect this 2 hour seminar to be a little one sided but there are sure to be many golden nuggets of information.

Here is the press release from the NRA:

Thursday, December 01, 2011

In an effort to educate the next generation of gun rights advocates on exercising and maintaining their constitutionally guaranteed Right to Keep and Bear Arms, NRA has developed a comprehensive program for college students called “NRA University”– NRA U for short.

NRA U is a two-hour training seminar for college students interested in learning more about NRA, the Second Amendment, gun safety, legislative threats to gun rights and the gun control debate. NRA-ILA staff will travel to a college campus and provide seminar attendees with the tools they’ll need to become more effective activists in the fight to protect our freedom, both on and off campus.

Staff will address the myths of gun control, covering topics such as the history of the Second Amendment and the use of guns for self-defense, and provide the NRA’s solutions to reducing gun crime and accidents.

In addition to ensuring a more balanced discussion of this issue on campus, NRA staff will talk about the various NRA programs in which students can participate. Students will also learn about opportunities to work with like-minded activists in their area.

Students will receive free fraternal items, such as NRA U hats, t-shirts, and stickers.

Upcoming NRA U Seminars are scheduled for:

University of Nevada – Las Vegas January 23

Stetson Law School (Florida) February 27

Florida State University February 28

University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia March 15

Indiana State University March 26

Washington & Lee University TBA


Contact NRA-ILA today to bring NRA U to your campus this spring! And be sure to join our group on Facebook too.

For more information, please visit the NRA University Home Page at, e-mail us at [email protected], or call us at 800-392-VOTE (8683).

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