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Eddie Eagle Prevents Gun Accidents in Cleveland Elementary School

My first reaction was complete shock. I have never seen a news story in which children did the correct thing when confronted with a firearm. This is no doubt a combination of the tendency for news organizations to report the bad and the fact that most children are not properly educated and accidents are more often the result.

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NRA App for iTunes Just Released

If you have a mobile Apple device (iPhone, iPod, iPad) you should hurry over to the App store and download the NRA application. Here is the description from the NRA site:

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NRAU: NRA Program for Local Universities

The NRA has announced a special program designed to help educate college level students about gun rights, current legislation, and the gun control debate. I for one am very excited about this program. No matter what side of the issue people stand on, we can all use more EDUCATION. Granted you could expect this 2 hour seminar to be a little one sided but there are sure to be many golden nuggets of information.

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